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Proclaim Development & Support

Get more from Proclaim with a bespoke set-up that enhances your workflow.

Make Proclaim work for you

As the market leading case management software used by over 25,000 professionals in the legal, medical and insurance sectors, Proclaim is a vastly flexible system that can be adapted in different ways for different businesses.

But getting it right for your business requires a good understanding of everything it can offer and the best ways to set it up for your needs – which is where Zeus comes in.

Zeus Tech Solutions will work with your business to understand how you operate and what you need from a case management system. Using our specialist knowledge we can then create bespoke solutions to adapt Proclaim to your optimal workflow, enhanced by our in-house developed add-ons, helping you create a more efficient service.

We can help set up, improve and maintain:

  • Workflow development
  • Data capture
  • Report writing and management information
  • Automated case opening
  • Import/export of case data to your suppliers’ systems
  • Document amends and standardisation

In addition, our support teams can be available to resolve any issues you are experiencing with Proclaim software or your set-up.

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