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VirtualSignature Integration

Secure onboarding and document signing built into your case management system.

Faster onboarding and document signing

For a modern business, signing documents electronically is essential. The days of sending contracts back and forth or travelling to offices to get a signature are over. But it’s important to make sure that signatures are safe, compliant and authenticated.

That’s why we partnered with VirtualSignature to offer you a secure, advanced document signing platform built into Proclaim and other case management systems.

With our fully integrated service you can exchange, complete and sign documents directly. We can set up your system with dynamic Smartforms – automated tools that reduce manual processes to allow faster, smoother exchanges with just a few clicks.

And you can ensure that signatures are authenticated thanks to our advanced identity verification. The system meets HMLR guidance and uses the most stringent security measures, including anti-spoofing, bio-metric facial recognition and geo-location technology to reliably identify an individual behind every signature.

The SmartSign feature includes VirtualWitnessing capability, as well as digital deed sealing and embedded eSignature blocks so that your entire onboarding journey is taken care of.

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Everything is fully integrated into Proclaim, so you never have to leave your case management system when onboarding or arranging documents for signatures. Zeus Tech Solutions are providing a faster, smarter way to work that will help you exchange, complete and sign documents from anywhere in the world, instantly.

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