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Claims Assist Portal

Control your client data from the first step to the last

Organise your leads

A web based claims assist portal can help you organise your leads without any extra steps in your workflow. By integrating into your case management system, all your lead data can be transferred across so your team can start working on them immediately.

The portal can be made available to your work sources for direct input of lead data – including fully vetting them (including sign off of any necessary terms and conditions) and offering an authorisation step in which leads are accepted, rejected or flagged for further information. You can use a prebuilt system created to get all the key information from work sources, or make it your own with a bespoke contact form if you have specific data needs.

This data is automatically and seamlessly made available through a new case on your case management system, taking all the work of managing and uploading your leads off your hands. Streamline your process and get to work on your leads faster with a fully integrated and detailed claims assist portal added to your website.

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